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The Peoria Region has an enviable standard of living and exciting attractions, all within a short drive from home. Safe streets, quality and quantity shopping, rich cultural assets with symphony and ballet, Broadway Theater League, museums, art guilds and first-class medical facilities are just a few of the attributes that make this region HOME for so many.


Communities within the Peoria Region provide diverse living options – from progressive cities to the charm and hometown feeling of its smaller communities.  The region provides a wide range of housing and amenities that make this area “Home”.  From upscale urban condos and lofts to historic homes to country living, the Peoria Region has something for everyone’s lifestyle. Retail centers and malls, museums, parks, hiking trails, zoos, live music and national entertainment, and professional and collegiate sports are just some of the amenities available to the more than 1.7 million people who call this region “home”.

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The Peoria Region is home to some of the top 4-year learning institutions in the nation, including Bradley University, Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Illinois and University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria.  These institutions are supported by a network of outstanding 2 and 4-year institutions which provide important training and education to the people they serve.


With a strong commitment to community, the Peoria Region is well known for its philanthropic support of the many organizations and their programs that are critical to the livelihood of its communities.  The Peoria Region is a benevolent community that goes above and beyond what most other regions its size do to support others.

Over $6.3 B focused on charitable organizations in 2018 within Peoria’s Primary Region
– www.taxexemptworld.com


The Arts community is alive and well within the region!  Creativity is a driving force in the 21st-century global economy, with the fastest growing jobs and emerging industries relying on the ability of workers to think unconventionally and use their imagination.  The Arts play a vital role in the quality of life as well as positively impacting the local economy.

The Peoria Region is home to myriad visual and performing artists and organizations that provide culture and entertainment as well as inspiration and aspiration.  Peoria’s Sculpture Walk consists of nine large-scale sculptures located throughout the city’s downtown. The Peoria Symphony Orchestra presents excellent live musical performances, innovative music education programs, and engaging community outreach efforts, which significantly impact the cultural life of Central Illinois.